Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Beatrix Potter books

Today is Beatrix Potter's birthday and I have gotten out a few of my childhood books she wrote for a little reminiscing. My grandmother introduced me to Beatrix Potter and her books when I was a child. She (my grandmother) was born in 1902 and had read several Potter titles in her childhood. Her books did not survive to my generation, but she did buy the books she liked for her little boy (my father) and for her grandchildren (my siblings and me) when we came along. From what she selected, I have a good idea of what she once owned and read in the early 1900s, such as The Tale of Peter Rabbit and all that followed that first decade (noted in this bibliography).

So Beatrix Potter's books have been passed down, in various editions, through three generations of my family. Recently, I added a fourth generation by sending my brother and sister the books with their names in them to share with their children and beyond. I'm sure many families have similar experiences with this series of books.

Nothing interesting found between the covers, as is the usual MO for this blog, just acknowledgment of Beatrix Potter's birthday, some images of my books, including my favorite, Jeremy Fisher, and a brief journey down memory lane.

And here's our own Peter Rabbit, which we realized later was pregnant, so my wife renamed her Miss Potter and has sort of tamed her. She began eating birdseed with the birds on the ground and comes hopping now when she sees my wife walk out back, shown here setting the dinner table for a patiently waiting Miss Potter. Hmmm, maybe there's a book here about a rabbit...

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