Sunday, August 07, 2011

What to do with those dirty or damaged books?

Books can present cleaning and restoration challenges when stains, dust, and other foreign substances invade the covers or leaves, or when a book's structural integrity has been compromised.

I recently came across some YouTube videos that offer inventive methods for the maintenance and restoration of dirty or damaged books. You'll want to hold onto your leg for the first one and I'm not so sure Rube Goldberg didn't have something to do with the second one. The last one may require general anesthesia. A sense of humor would also help.

Up first, here's a guy who starts out with a certain air of authority and then rapidly spirals into a farce of epic proportions. As the video rolled, I thought I was tapping into an old trade secret, albeit unconventional by initial appearances. Unconventional methods yielded quickly to serious doubt and laughter upon the realization I'd been had. And it kept getting worse. Please don't try this with your books!

Next up is an interesting contraption for automating the dusting and cleaning of a large amount of books as you would find in a library. Following the previous video, I was a bit skeptical going into it. Presenting the Depulvera...

And finally... Book to the OR... STAT!

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