Thursday, March 12, 2009

Amanda Dunbar

I recently discovered a young artist of immense talent, Amanda Dunbar, when I found a copy of her book, Guided by Angels: Divinely Inspired Paintings, Longstreet Press, Atlanta, 2000.

The book exhibits 132 pages of the young Texas artist's work, which has landed her on Oprah, ABC's World News Tonight, PBS, and many other regional and national broadcasts.

Dunbar's amazing talent and vision extend to three distinct styles: French Impressionism, American Expressionism, and Abstract. From the video below, you can also see what a genuinely gracious and giving person she is.

Her painting A Journey in Brotherhood, pictured below, captured my attention as I had just come across a few books that featured photos and paintings of people reading books. With Dunbar's book, I noticed the trend and think I may have the start of a pictorial post about reading, or readers. Stay tuned for that.

I find something in this painting that I connect with--something that evokes the words Amanda Dunbar wrote to accompany A Journey in Brotherhood: "Reading builds knowledge and knowledge builds understanding."

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