Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Among the nudists

Last week, I came across a report from the Boston Globe about a bunch of bored, restless young folks in Brattleboro, Vermont, who had resorted to taking their clothes off in public. One of the photos in the link above features a bookseller who seems a bit put out by all the shenanigans outside his bookstore.

I wondered if that bookshop had in stock a copy of Frances and Mason Merrill's, Among the Nudists, Garden City Publishing, NY, 1931. I have a tattered copy I found in a large batch of books I bought earlier this year. I put it in the keep pile because of the novelty of it--an early treatise on nudists. And because I thought it might have some resale value based on age and content (in spite of condition). It may have some, but even fine copies will not fetch much more than $50, so my poor copy went into a box of misfits and poor intuition to be dealt with later. Bigger fish to fry in the meantime. But maybe one day some nudist collector will want it cheap on ebay. Nudiana? You never know. Perhaps I should print the Globe article and place it between the leaves and recirculate it into the resales for another book hound to find and ponder.

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